Essay Example on Should Students be Allowed to Cook in Dorms?










Should Students be Allowed to Cook in Dorms? Every single day just after school finished, lots of students are coming to the dormitory hungry. Although they have snack time, they can only eat one chocolate. One chocolate can’t fill their stomachs at all. They are searching for food and meals but the food they find is the same always snacks, cookies, chocolates etc. In schools, students have to be allowed to cook meals because they can’t concentrate on the lessons their homework or what they are doing because of their hunger. They also have some clubs after school. But they can’t pay attention to them either. Guess why. Because of their hunger again Lots of things are becoming a time-wasting thing.

The only reason is their hunger If they were allowed to cook in the dormitory perhaps they could have done everything well. First of all, students need more energy and they can’t provide energy without eating If they are hungry they can’t get energy and if they can’t get the energy they can’t work. Breakfast and lunch can only provide energy for the lessons. A snack doesn't provide any energy, If you eat one chocolate you will want to eat another chocolate, but you can get only one chocolate and one chocolate can just give a taste to your mouth. Energy is one of the most important things in our life. Especially in our school as you know our campus is really big we have to walk a lot during the day and either during the lesson times. So it is normal to become tired. As you know parents of the students in Tevitol don’t see their sons, daughters for a time and when they saw it after a while they are getting shocked. Think about why are they getting shocked. Because their children become thin and when they see their children thinner they are starting to get worried. Think about what the problem turns into.

There is no reason to worry parents and they think this problem is coming from their sleep system But a dietitian made an experiment about this. And dietitian says We are drowsy because we are not getting the food we need. Students can’t be forced to eat every single type of food. If someone doesn’t like meat you can’t force him her to eat meat. Anyone can’t like every single type of food. It’s so normal but the system shows that they must eat in the dining hall. But it's absolutely wrong For example An X student might be hating okra and let's say there is okra at lunchtime and we have some food in addition to okra. Let's say we have salad, yogurt and rice in addition to okra. I am certain that X students would eat only rice, salad and yogurt. It would be really bad for that student's health. He would get just carbohydrate so he will have less energy because carbohydrate provides energy for a little time.

These are showing that Everyone should eat what they want to eat. They shouldn't be forced to eat in the dining hall. I have seen lots of people which are hungry because there is a meal which they don’t  like. Some of the students don’t eat any food at lunchtime, because of the major meal is the meal which they don’t like. After the meal we have a short snack time. So they are eating cookies for the dinner. Is that good for their health. There is no reason to get worried because of the oven which we will use it for the cooking. We are in the year of 2018 There are some smart ovens which they are turning off itself when it's not used for a while and we are like 30 people in a dormitory. If someone forgets to turn off the oven another student will turn. Did he saw it neither, Another student will turn it off or the teacher will take their oven? So there is no reason to worry about it If you want to feel the students like their home you have to allow the students some rules. Be careful I’m not trying to say allow students everything I am just saying allow some rules. In conclusion we must be allowed to cook in the dormitory. Because of our needs. As you see if this goes like this we will have really big problems to face Shortly students must be allowed to cook in the dormitory.

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