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Doctor’s ethical duty is to save a life there also should be an ability to get rid of It

Sounds ridiculous but it is true while doctor’s ethical duty is to save a life there also should be an ability to get rid of it and relieve suffering The main idea is that the ones support a possibility to have a good and light death others believe that a person should live untill the end of his life no matter how hard it is This topic is sensitive in terms of ethics and human rights principles Before analysing the legal side of euthanasia its clear definition should be given The word itself is derived from the Greek word euthanatos which means easy death the process which helps to reduce pain suffering as well as changes in quallity of life resulting from different physical injuries and psychological traumas The term euthanasia is oftenincorrectly used characterising one kind of practice In reality there are different kinds of euthanasia describing its main forms Thus there is voluntary and involuntary euthanasia that has passive and active forms However I would like to pay attention to voluntary euthanasia When medical treatmemt is withheld or withdrawn from a patient at his request in order to end the patient s life we talk about passive voluntary euthanasia When the process is made at the patient s request and when the medical intervention takes place the process is called active voluntary euthanasia

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