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Studying individuals behaviour and trying to link underlying personality characteristics

Personality traits and characteristics are how we can define our behavior to people and our environment on a daily basis. Studying individual's behavior and trying to link underlying personality characteristics to why we do things either beneficial or unfavorable is a continuing interest for psychologists. Adorno et al 1950 and Allum 2011 have both undertaken research studies that provide insight on personality types and the potential effects it may have to societies around much of the world. This essay will layout similarities and differences between these two studies concentrating on their methods and these personality types that influence individuals life choices Adorno et al 1950 research study was influenced by the events of World War 2 and the researcher's curiosity into what kind of a person could carry out such devastating acts. Measuring attitudes was the beginning of this study. Three sets of scales were designed after identifying attitudes towards Jews as well as ethnically different people and then presented to the white middle class. Americans from San Francisco as a questionnaire. This then led to the creation of another scale known as the F scale which measured the potential for fascism and in turn led to measuring personality characteristics that were fundamental to their study McAvoy 2012. These questionnaires were scored by researchers with a point system of 1 7 Participants who scored high were most likely to be showing signs of an authoritarian personality. This quantitative method allowed a large scale of over 2000 people to take part and provide quick and systematic data that guided them to Phase 2 of their study. Allum 2011 had three hypotheses to find support for in his research.

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Demographic Transition Theory in India

Introduction. The technocratic illusion is that any developmental effort seamlessly results in the panache of growth and prosperity. Treading on the same path is the pursuit of modernization resulting in mortality decline. A naïve Malthusian approach would be to associate the burden of extra people with modernization. The central idea of the demographic transition theory is that the decline in fertility is an ex-post response to the decline in infant and child mortality. It is recognized that this fertility decline often occurs with a lag. India in its course of time has seen mortality decline since the early 1980s through socio-economic enhancements. Although performing better than its neighboring economies. India has shown spatial variance of such lags. The presence of these lags results in elusiveness in the envisaged quest for prosperity. This paper uses deductive analysis from various economic theories to rationale such behavior. Beckers theory has been instrumental in understanding the demographic transition. As per his theory development increases the costs of childbearing and results in decline infertility. The primary workhorse model used in this paper is based on a suitable extension of the Beckerman model. His core theory emphasized the effects of family planning programs and contraceptive availability being more complex than the general notion and our assessment of their roles.

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Advantages as well the disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research methods for researching intimacy

Introduction. I will explain the advantages as well as the disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research methods for researching intimacy. I will mention the influence of integrating both approaches through the two cases below. The Kinsey survey in which the purpose was to perform a sampling technique that involved over 18000 interviews which were recorded as the entire representative of the US society. Lastly, I will discuss the second case of The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes Lifestyles called also the Natsal study team which was set up in the UK in 1990 as the consequence of the outbreak of HIV, AIDs. The Advantages of Quantitative Qualitative methods. The Kinsey survey conducted which was on a large scale mostly as there included over 18000 interviews. The statistic which was extracted from the questioning revealed in two of the Kinsey's publications. Kinsey et al 1948 which it provides a representation of US society. The benefit of this outcome was the discovery that will utilize a possibly sampling method but the Kinsey study revealed that the survey was done in a manner that derived the sampling method from his previous work. Kinsey's sampling was considered even as infancy in the late '30s but was enhanced over time. The Kinsey surveys win their reputation through his position on academic work on the North American gall wasps. These were carrying on as the result of his study by taking different samples from a distinct area from Canada to Mexico Gathorne Hardy J 2005. It is an acceptance to admit that Kinsey applied his research on the benefit by proposing volunteers were surveyed by who Kinsey looked as sought out as well who sought him out. The Kinsey distinction view was and thriving were the evident disparity was the Natsal selected for as well as a wholly balanced questionnaire Wellings et al 1994.

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Sexual harassment Experiences Qualitative and Quantitative researches

Numbers of researches have been conducted to figure out the ratio of victims In developing countries, unreliable researchers have been found, therefore the true picture of the issue cannot be known. The methods of surveys used are also different in different countries and results differ according to type of questions asked and how many questions were asked. Despite of the difficulties in measuring the sexual harassment experiences qualitative and quantitative researches conducted so far shows that it is a serious issue which is the violation of human rights.

 The two types of research conducted in 16 western European countries in 1988 concluded that. A rough estimate shows that 40- 50 of female employees experienced sexual harassment one way or another at workplace 2/3rd female employees faced verbal sexual harassment and less than 5 reported a physical sexual assault. A psychologist Dr Louise Fitzgerald used his famous Sexual Experiences Questionnaire and exposed that 40 -60 of women in US experienced sexual harassment. The research conducted by an NGO named as Women’s Legal Center in July 2001 found that 76 of women experienced sexual harassment at their workplace, however, 40 left their jobs due to this. A survey conducted by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission in 2000 discovered that 1/3rd of women get sexually harassed and younger women are more vulnerable to it and the commonplace sexual harassment occurs is office.

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Cultural Differences. The Official Language Perhaps the most troubling factor in the Anglo - Mexican relationship

Cultural Differences. The Official Language Perhaps the most troubling factor in the Anglo Mexican relationship. was the cultural conflicts between these two very different people. The Anglos who had agreed to learn the Spanish Language groused about using it for official business and soon began pressing for an exception for Anglos where the Official Language could be dumped for English. The Anglos Faith and Belief. The Anglos had agreed to become Roman Catholics but continued their protestant faith long after they settled in Texas. Although they had promised to fully convert to Roman Catholics some of them found that very difficult when they arrived to Texas. But what do you expect You are basically telling a group of people who have practiced their religion for a thousand years or more to change it all and throw it over their shoulder.

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