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Sexual harassment Experiences Qualitative and Quantitative researches

Numbers of researches have been conducted to figure out the ratio of victims In developing countries, unreliable researchers have been found, therefore the true picture of the issue cannot be known. The methods of surveys used are also different in different countries and results differ according to type of questions asked and how many questions were asked. Despite of the difficulties in measuring the sexual harassment experiences qualitative and quantitative researches conducted so far shows that it is a serious issue which is the violation of human rights.

 The two types of research conducted in 16 western European countries in 1988 concluded that. A rough estimate shows that 40- 50 of female employees experienced sexual harassment one way or another at workplace 2/3rd female employees faced verbal sexual harassment and less than 5 reported a physical sexual assault. A psychologist Dr Louise Fitzgerald used his famous Sexual Experiences Questionnaire and exposed that 40 -60 of women in US experienced sexual harassment. The research conducted by an NGO named as Women’s Legal Center in July 2001 found that 76 of women experienced sexual harassment at their workplace, however, 40 left their jobs due to this. A survey conducted by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission in 2000 discovered that 1/3rd of women get sexually harassed and younger women are more vulnerable to it and the commonplace sexual harassment occurs is office.

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Study on relationship between supply chain integration Just in Time and Logistics performance in Malaysia

Introduction. The purpose of this report is to study the relationship between supply chain integration Just in Time and Logistics performance in Malaysia, especially on industry automotive. We are required to related our Assignment 1 with our Project assignment title Just in time. Through this we able to understand how these few task to impact on logistic performance. The article was using the questionnaire to do survey in order to collect the data for analysis. Through this survey they get know mostly responden considered used supply chain integration for business operation. Critique. The Author’s Conclusions and Propositions. Based on the article the relationship between supply chain integration just in time and logistics performance a suppliers perspective on the automotive industry in Malaysia. We all have read all the pages of the article then we are agree with this article. It is because the article are explain about the relationship between SCI JIT and Logistics performance in the automotive industries in Malaysia. Malaysia have a lot of automotive industries like Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota and so on so integration of supply chain in the company is the most important. The supply chain integration means a close alignment and coordination within a supply chain often with the use of shared management information systems.
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Effect of social connectedness, life events, appraisal shame and guilt among adults

Introduction. In this era of socializing in our global village, being connected is very common and this over connectedness leads to many stressful and unhappy life events resulting in shame and guilt. Life is incomplete without socializing and it is basically the tendency that how people understand, communicates and interacts with each other. People who suffer from poor interpersonal relationships tend to have less connectedness and are more likely to have difficulty in coping with different social situations Robbins 1995. Unhappy social connectedness makes an individual suffer from maladaptive behaviors and great distress when they try to avoid social situations Kohut 1984. The distress that individuals suffer is a negative feeling that affects the mental health Lazarus 1966. This may lead to the intensity of shame and guilt. Social connectedness is the interaction of people in daily routine. it can be a classroom, office, home and any social setting. Social connectedness is more likely to have a positive outcome, so it is thought to be a good and healthy thing. On the other hand, its negative outcomes are ignored, that are more adverse in nature and have serious effects.
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