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Syllogism is a form of argument that consists of deductive Reasoning

A syllogism is a form of argument that consists of deductive reasoning In order to arrive at a conclusion that is based on more than two propositions which are considered not to be false An example is that all mammals creatures tend to be warm blooded in conclusion all the black dogs also are warm blooded creatures It is for that reason that an informally stated syllogism is referred to as an enthymeme which in other words can be defined as an argument to which one premise isn t stated explicitly hence changing the previous example to an enthymeme becomes All black dogs are warm blooded as this is because all mammals are warm blooded Stages of listening My friend john was recently telling me about the new procedures implemented in the library on how to borrow a book by then this was new to me so I had to pay keen attention and receive the information thus the first stage after which I had to understand so I asked for further information on the issue only to remember that I say this on posters around the school but I wasn't keen I started evaluating the options I have and how to start using the new system then finally I responded by telling john that it was a nice idea that the school had come up with Usage of the modes of persuasion In order to convince someone concerning a certain issue I would use these

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