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The recent trend in purchasing electric cars

The purpose of this memo is to inform of the recent trend in purchasing electric cars The source of this information comes from InsideEV s and Plunket Research Ltd see the references and attachment 1 for statistics at the end of the memo As a company that only sells vehicles that run on gas we could expand our market and reach new consumers by making a new product Background It has been sold more than 2 3 million electric vehicles worldwide in the last three years Since 2010 and at the end of 2017 the sales of electric cars in the US have increased by over 280 Inside EV s 2018 The US government are also pushing manufacturers to offer electric vehicles to get the overall emissions down There are coming more external environmental factors that affect the car industry An example is the State of California where they passed a bill to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 40 below 1990 levels by 2030 Plunkett 2017 The market for electric cars are also increasing because the electricity is cheaper than fuel Other benefits are a more maintenance free vehicles than a combustion engine vehicles CEV It is starting to average CEV s on the range and people are more aware of the hazardous gasses CEV s are letting out and wants to contribute by buying zero emission vehicles The automobile industry is investing in more advanced battery technology to make more long range batteries at a lower cost The vehicles are also starting to look more like high powered computers on wheels

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