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Why the Death Penalty should be Abolished

Hundreds of thousands of people commit crimes each year that land them in jail or prison Each case is different and each crime has different consequences However the worst consequence is the death penalty Instead of spending their whole life in prison for what they did some people pay with their life In the past the death penalty had been extremely inhumane and disturbing but it is still currently legal in thirty states The death penalty should be abolished because it goes against the law stating that murder is illegal puts innocent lives at risk and does not decrease crime rates First the death penalty should be abolished because murder is against the law and is a crime 18 U S Code 1111 states that murder is against the law and will result in punishment yet 1 466 prisoners have been executed since 1976 18 U S Code 1111 Executions by Year Even though this law is known by everyone not many people question why it does not apply to the lives of people in prison Killing someone no matter the circumstances makes the person that did it a criminal too Killing is an intrinsically evil act it is wrong because it destroys human good it can never be justified Murder cannot be justified by the circumstances of the act Not only is murder terrible but the way that some of the prisoners have been executed are extremely inhumane For example the electric chair was one way for execution the person was literally fried to death On top of that it makes a public spectacle of the individual s death 

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Running Head How do Attitudes

Running Head How do Attitudes Change 1 Bajah Shaheed Post University How do Attitudes Change 2 Abstract Our attitudes affect our daily lives and behaviors and are influenced by many different factors However with life experiences and education our attitudes can be changed Some methods of changing attitudes have a better effect than others In order to have a long lasting attitude change attitudes need to be based on careful analysis and logic How do Attitudes Change 3 At the foundation of attitudes are evaluations of people objects and ideas Those evaluations are expressed in our behaviors Attitudes are inconsistent and often change Fear can be used to bring awareness to an issue in order to changes ones attitude about it Several theories have outlined the proximal beliefs through which fear inducing appeals affect influence Wood 2000 But fear also can bias processing in a way that justifies existing coping or non coping behaviors Biek et al 1996 At high levels fear appears to reduce systematic processing e g Jepson Chaiken 1990 Consider a study in which a group of smokers watched a graphic film depicting lung cancer and then read pamphlets with specific instructions about how to quit smoking Leventhal Watts Pagano 1967 Inducing fear in an individual on the dangerous effects of smoking can change their attitudes about quitting 

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