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The client University of Northampton came out with the Proposal

The client University of Northampton came out with the proposal to relocate and build a new campus within the Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone The aim is to create a worldwide product which will bring important and positive changes to the local economy and will encourage growth and further investment on the site This will contribute to improve the quality of education The County Council SEEMPLEP and Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership assured that will strongly support the project The client University of Northampton believes that the new campus would have huge economic benefits for the town The new Waterside site will be an area where university and business meet together to increase Northampton s town growth and encourage innovation The main aim of the client for the swimming pool is to create a vibrant and modern commercial district retail and leisure and to create a community space for all occupants to share open spaces and facilities Also the University of Northampton would like to create a landmark development on this site with significant regenerative impact and to improve accessibility and links into the town centre 

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