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Robots The New Norm In The Medical Field

Miracle Glover Mrs Kasler ENGL 3H 11 October 2018 Robots The New Norm In The Medical Field I'm sure you've heard of Robots roaming around hospitals or helping with surgical operations but there s something else robots can do rehabilitate Rehabilitation robots are robots that help restore or improve physical movement Reinkensmeyer Therapy robots are machines or tools for rehabilitation therapists that allow patients to perform practice movements aided by the robot Reinkensmeyer David Rehabilitation robot britannica com Britannica 24 May 2016 Web 8 Jan 2018 https www britannica com technology rehabilitation robot If someone is on medication such as Serotonin reuptake inhibitor medication and it doesn t work they have the option of rehabilitating with the help of a robot Claflin There are many types of robots that have changed the way we think of the present and the future the rehabilitation therapy robot is one of them George Devol was born on February 20 1912 he was only 9 years old when the word robot was officially introduced to the world by Karel Capek s play Rossum s Universal Robot in 1921 Malone

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