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African Diaspora As slaves worked in the New World

African Diaspora As slaves worked in the New World their culture mixed with Europeans as the slaves resisted their chains They created a hybrid culture that would leave a mark on the Americas after the slave trade was over Bantu People After migrating throughout Africa the Bantu people settled down and made kin based tribes These tribes were great for small scale but ass these tribes gained power into city states and kingdoms they switched their government type Equiano Olaudah He was a slave that bought his freedom After he was free he denounced slavery as evil and spread the word around the British Isles He published a book that told of him being captured from Benin at 10 years old then working in Pennsylvania Virginia and helping his master during the Seven Years War before he bought his freedom Kingdom of Kongo The Congo River or Zaire River was one of the most politically active areas After 1000 C E the small family based societies came together to form small states after 1200 C E these small city states formed into a bigger force The most notable was the Kingdom of Kongo The Kingdom of Kongo was involved with the trade of copper raffia cloth and nzimbu shells During the 14th century the KIngdom of Kongo it made up most of modern day Republic of the Congo and Angola For the government you had kings and officials 

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