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ERP implementation project is not simply running a software Application

ERP implementation project is not simply running a software application out of a box as it requires a highly complex implementation process It has its own unique methodology of implementation and follow up It requires time and other valuable resources before during and post implementation phases The complexity of ERP implementation is also depending on the type and size of the organization The technique and approach of ERP implementation for small organization with few functional departments is different from a big and multinational company with various departments and operational units The methodology applied for a private organization may be different from government public organizations The various factors that have been identified to contribute to the success or failure of an ERP implementation in different type and size of organizations are 1 Strategic or factors at the planning phase factors 2 Tactical or implementation phase factors and 3 Operational factors Strategic Factors are the most important factors right at the outset of the project These factors specify the need for a project mission for top management support and for a project schedule outlining individual actions steps for project implementation 

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