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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee BCBST

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee BCBST is one of America's long standing and leading non profit health plans attending to approximately 3 million Tennesseans Established in the year 1945 the Chattanooga based firm is dedicated to supporting affordable health cover for all residents of Tennessee Blue Cross Blue Shield serves its membership by providing high end health care services products and most importantly information On 13th of March year 2012 the American Health and Human Services HHS stated that BCBST had settled to recompense HHS a sum of 1 5 million to pay for impending violations of the HIPAA privacy and security guidelines Staggers Gallagher Gonçalves Nelson 2014 Furthermore Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee approved the execution of a corrective action plan CAP to counter apparent discrepancies in its HIPAA compliance initiative Based on the Health and Human Services HHS public statement the inquiry followed a notification presented by BCBST to HHS ascertaining that 57 unencrypted computer hard drives holding video and audio records associated with client service phone calls containing protected health information PHI for more than 1 million customers comprising social security numbers member names dates of birth diagnosis codes as well as health plan identification codes stolen from a rented facility in Tennessee Clifford 2016

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