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Investment banking is made up of the words investment and Banking

INVESTMENT BANKING DEFINITION The term investment banking is made up of the words investment and banking The meaning of the term can be understood by seeing that it contains the word investment People invest their money so that they can raise their capital and they can do this by investing their money in a financial institution called an investment bank The main purpose of investment banking is to raise capital and provide advisory services Capital means the financial assets which includes money The operations of investment banking are performed in a financial intuition called an investment bank An investment bank works to provide their clients the maximum financial rewards with the lowest risks involved The people who work at an investment bank are called investment bankers DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN INVESTMETNT BANK AND A COMMERCIAL BANK SERVICES An investment bank provides financial and advisory services A commercial bank provides traditional banking services like accepting deposits CLIENTS The clients of an investment bank include large corporations and wealthy individuals The clients of a commercial bank include all sorts of people and entities who come from all financial backgrounds like the rich and the poor NUMBER OF BRANCHES An investment bank typically has only one branch in a city A commercial bank has multiple branches in a city IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION IN INVESTMENT BANKING Effective communication plays a very big role in the business role Likewise it also plays an important role in the field of investment banking The investment bankers have to look presentable and must have appropriate communication skills to talk to clients The clients are the source from which the investment bank earns its revenues

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