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Diversity means to me is the Power

Unit 3 Summary Reflection Sheet Diversity means to me is the power for differences to get together by acceptance appreciation and understanding different viewpoints perspectives and background I think diversity benefits the community because it mix of cultures economic statuses as it is essential for promoting growth and learning among group Diversity has two categories of personal attributes which are Surface level diversity easily to observe people who have a different features speak a different language gender gender and race Deep level diversity to know people by their personality ethnicity beliefs and values I believe that diversity affects positively in our community as in education system workforce and international sports The idea of accessibility is an important force of change on college campuses today Accessibility is about making education accessible to all and it's particularly focused on providing educational support to a diverse group of students faculty and staff with disabilities Pg 114 Differences is based on ethnicity race gender and nationality Race is a socially constructed and perceived to have specific characteristics Ethnicity is that everyone can belong to one fixed group Everyone has differences and identity as each one of theses are not the same Differences are neutral process but one that both reflects and reproduce inequalities of power and status Identity is about certain groups and individuals as fixed and unchanging Interdependence means to discuss relationships between people and groups of people 

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Breastfed babies have improved Immunity

Research suggests breastfed babies have improved immunity reduced risk of infectious diseases obesity type 2 diabetes in later life enhances mother baby bonding protects against breast cancer and assists with weight loss for the mother Stuhldreher 2013 Since 2001 the World Health Organization has recommended exclusive breastfeeding for six months Kramer 2012 WHO 2001 However worldwide it is estimated that only 34 8 of infants are exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life Ssemukasa Kearney 2014 Furthermore much of the literature suggests there is an association between breastfed children having higher intelligence than non breastfed babies Studies show breastfed children tend to score higher on cognitive tests such as IQ compared to formula fed children Anderson et al 1999 Belfield and Kelly 2012 Deoni et al 2013 Kramer 2008 Kim et al 2017 Bernard et al 2017 conducted a French population based study which showed mild associations of children s IQs at 5 6 years of age with breastfeeding duration Huang Peters Vaughn Witko 2014 indicate that breastfeeding has an important association with test scores and that subsequent schooling and other experiences during adolescence do not eliminate the breastfeeding gap that appears in very early childhood Borra Iacovou

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