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Bacteria Back in 1683 on September seventeenth the most important Discovery

Bacteria Back in 1683 on September seventeenth the most important discovery ever made was reported to the Royal Society in London Antonie van Leeuwenhoek had discovered small microorganisms on human dental plaque using his homemade microscope CBS 2017 He had called them animalcules but nowadays they are more commonly known as bacteria Bacteria had originated from small cells when the Earth first formed about 3 billion years ago in Earth s very first oceans Since then they have evolved into many different types from harmful to helpful CBS 2017 Cooper 2000 ENI 2018 Cellular Structure of Bacteria Bacteria have several different parts Usually a bacteria cell typically has no nucleus as they are prokaryotes However they do have deoxyribonucleic acid more commonly known as DNA which is usually a rubber band shaped molecule the DNA usually carries the information to make new cells and how to make a cell s proteins Bacteria also have ribosomes or minuscule circular organelles made of mostly protein and other material 

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The Department for Education DfE defines first Language

Introduction An EAL student is characterised as a pupil whose first language is known or believed to be other than English The Department for Education DfE defines first language as the language to which a child was initially exposed during early development and continues to be exposed to this language in the home or in the community DfE 2013b p 7 There are now more than one million learners in UK schools who speak English as an additional language EAL This represents a considerable proportion of the overall school population well above 15 per cent British council In the 2013 school census the percentage of pupils in English primary and secondary schools aged 5 16 who are recorded as EAL has more than doubled from 7 6 in 1997 to 16 2 in 2013 Strand S 2015 With this changing demographic schools have to adapt their teaching to incorporate this change whether it be through differentiation EAL friendly teaching practice or employing specialist EAL coordinators to oversee the schools strategy This report highlights the various challenges facing teachers in regards to EAL students what policies they can adopt to support EAL students in their progress and what impact the changing demographic is having on schools and communities EAL students and the challenges facing teachers

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