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The article “To Live where you work” written by Mr. Joel Ruiz Butulyan

In the article entitled To Live where you work written by Mr Joel Ruiz Butuyan who was a product of the University of the Philippines and College of William and Mary in Virginia in the United States has much to draw from He briefly practiced law in Virginia and the Metro Washington area before returning to the motherland to resume his practice His fields are criminal civil and commercial litigation international business law corporate law election law and labor law He remains a member of the American Bar Association He discussed the advantages of living in a residential condominium to lessen the road commuters in Bulacan Though he failed to discuss what can be the possible disadvantages of it This article was published under the publishing company Inquirer on the fourth day of December 2017 Monday The opinion of Joel Ruiz Butuyan about the reduction of the number of road commuters which can be attained be enabling people to live within a comfortable walking distance from where they work was convincing for he cited many advantages but the article is just one sided because he did not tackle what can be the disadvantages of his proposition He stated that the workers near his condominiums will be living comfort if they approve this Thus it can be a walking distance from the said condominium 

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