Essay Examples on Stafford House Study Holidays

The afternoon sun rested upon the Mountains

The afternoon sun rested upon the mountains The orange glow seeping through the leaves and branches of the trees Occasionally a shout and thump of hay being stacked was heard through the bushes A mouse retreated from his cosy hole and began to forage for food The light pitter patter of the mouse s paws on the fallen leaves drew the attention of a nearby hawk looking for a meal The hawk hungrily gazed at the mouse The hunt was quickly interrupted by a pile of dirt which was carelessly thrown on top of the oddly shaped gravestone It's all you could've done Comforted Slim George s eyes were filled with regret This was your only choice If you hadn't and Curley would've gotten his hands on him who knows what would've happened to him Curley woulda hurt him as much as possible before killing him Tears slid down George s face as he stood gloomy I knew he had it comin I knew ever since we started working We'd have to go each time because of him needed to have a new life each time Every time it was just like Weed Ever since Aunt Clara died 

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