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Both groups are paid equal amounts of attention

Hawthorne strong If both groups are paid equal amounts of attention and receive similar instructional sessions in terms of duration then observed effects can more likely be attributed to the treatment intervention I believe the authors did a good job of providing the same instructions and guides to both treatment hereafter referred to as cases and control groups throughout the study Diffusion strong For this threat as long as the cases and control group had no interaction or discussion during the study this should not be an issue And I believe the authors could have explained this more in details but based on the methods description I did not find any evidence of diffusion effect History strong In this study the history effect was not mentioned And even if there were not one the authors should have mentioned it However this effect is not an issue for two group design because the effect would have affected both cases and control groups the same theoretically Maturation medium strong Considering that the age range of the participants i e 11 to 54 years old this effect could have affected the changes in the dependent variable However with regard to the normal developmental processes this effect is less likely to be present in this study due to the nature of this study i e cross sectional Testing strong Testing effect usually occurs for one group study and this effect was not present in this study Instrumentation strong

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