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CLASSIFICATION OF WATER SOURCES Water is a basic need Water is a crucial necessity which support the life of fauna and flora In a plot of helping people out from relinquishing in poverty it is necessary for them o have access to safe water and sanitation Esrey 1996 There exist several water sources from which water is obtained for sustaining life However there has been scarcity in distribution of various resources worldwide Around 768 million people globally lacks immediate access to safe water sources and out of those 80 of this figure lies in the rural areas WHO and UNICEF 2013 There exist several sources of water from which drinking water is obtained These water sources are categorized into three categories which include the following piped water source improved water source and unimproved water sources JMP 2014 Improved water sources include rainwater protected boreholes public taps protected dug wells protected springs and protected tube wells Piped water source is accessed through connecting pipes to the household or the user s dwelling plot bottled water surface water such as lake river stream irrigation channels among others unprotected springs unprotected wells carts with small tank drum water from vendors water tanker are example of unimproved water sources HOUSEHOLD INCOME

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