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Gender and Caste discrimination in Rohinton Mistrys A Fine Balance

Gender and Caste discrimination in Rohinton Mistrys A Fine Balance Abstract The focus is to study the devastating effects of caste system and the exploitation of under privilege section of society Rohinton Mistry strongly opposes the discrimination prevailing in the Indian society in the name of caste community race gender and so on He very openly depicts the atrocities faced by the socially inferiors in Indian society especially during the Emergency of 1975 in his novel A Fine Balance The novel unfolds the lives of four ordinary people Ishvar Darji his nephew Omprakash both belonging to the lower caste Chamaar their employer Dina Dalal and her paying guest Maneck Kolhah and how emergency leads to the destruction of their lives It represents the life of the Chamaars in the villages and their suppression in a caste-ridden society also the gender discrimination experienced by Dina Dalal as her brother Nusswan being an authoritative figure It explores the humiliation torture and other problems faced by the marginalized section of society 

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Relevant Health Behaviours

Within the discipline of health psychology there are varying theories and models which have been developed to inform and predict relevant health behaviours and practically improve health care systems Conceptualising a definition of positive health behaviours may be controversial A definition from Kasl and Kobb 1966 reinforces health behaviour as an activity undertaken by a healthy individual who is at an asymptomatic stage in order to detect and prevent diseases This definition however does not take into consideration individuals who may be ill as positive health behaviours are often carried out by people with a diagnosed condition French et al 2014 pg 18 Key components within theories guide the way in which decisions are made within policy and practice both on an individual and community level Theories often have distinct features as well as overlapping characteristics that aim to facilitate health behaviours In order to critically appraise the application of health psychology models the prevalent theories in relation to targeting tobacco use with regards to smoking cessation on an individual scale that will be focussed on are the transtheoretical model and the health belief model A distinction will be drawn from both models through assessing their multi dimensional aspects and constructs that impact the practicality of an initiative

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