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The importance of genetics over teaching

With all due respect to your recently written report regarding the importance of genetics over teaching I couldn t agree less To be straight forward your understanding of genetics does contain substantial evidence but is greatly partialized and misled at the same time I will address the issue with a psychological approach with the methodological considerations of the twin study and the adoption study All observable human traits are greatly affected by our genes however these traits will only be expressed in response to stimulus in the environment Genes are part of DNA strands that are coiled around histones which will unravel and form visible traits when genes interact with the environment Hence it can be concluded that it is neither genes or environment that decides our characteristics but a complex interaction between both factors Human intelligence is partially decided by heritage however it will not express unless it is stimulated by good education The classical twin study involves the comparison of monozygotic and dizygotic twins If genetic factors influence the trait in question monozygotic twins who share 100 of their genetic material should be more similar than dizygotic who like ordinary siblings share on average only 50 of their genetic material Studies of a range of psychological traits indicate that these children remain as concordant as monozygotic twins raised by parents who treated them as identical Molecular genetic methods of heritability estimation have offered evidence that the equal environments assumption of the classic twin design may be sound Similarly an adoption study involves determining the degree to which adopted individuals resemble both their biological relatives an indication of genetic influences as well as their adoptive relatives an indication of shared environmental influences 

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