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Vocabulary is all the words that Exist in a Particular Language

Introduction According to Cambridge dictionary vocabulary is all the words that exist in a particular language Diamond Gutlohn 2006 in Ferreira 2017 stated that vocabulary is the knowledge of words and their meanings Moreover ELF students should be able to recognize every word words and know their meanings When a student can be able to remember the word use the words that means the student has the knowledge as well as the meaning of the word Ferreira 2007 In order to deliver the material about vocabulary for students teacher needs to make instruction Vocabulary instruction is really important in order to help students to develop the kind of vocabulary that will contribute to their language learning goals The kind of vocabulary that will help students to achieve the learning should reference to explicit and independent vocabulary instruction Ferreira 2007 Teacher should make good preparation about material and the activity to teach vocabulary not only explaining in form of the class without considering the students need and interest Sunardi 2012

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