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Judaism Christianity and Islam all Abrahamic Religions

Judaism Christianity and Islam all Abrahamic religions by claiming Abraham as a prophet are all well connected though the same stories and same people they could not be more different in their practices and beliefs Hinduism is the oldest living religion Jayaram Also known as Sanatana Dharma it is currently practiced by over one billion people Jayaram The very act of living is regarded as an obligatory duty and an opportunity to fulfill the aims of creation and participate in God s eternal dharma Jayaram Tradition states that religious duty is the aim of human life since it is the foundation upon which one develops the wisdom and wealth and happiness without compromising liberation Jayaram Practicers of Hinduism do not only practice their beliefs but change their lives to follow their beliefs Judaism one of the three Abrahamic religions believes God established a covenant with them and revealed his laws and commandments to them in the form of the Torah Judaism Abraham is seen as the first Jew he was the first to reject the worship of idols and preach that there is only one god Judaism Also known as Israelites their practice is devoted to the study practice and observance of the commandments Judaism Split into three denominations orthodox conservative and reform they have thirteen principles of faith Maimonides including

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