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Uranium vs Hydrogen Mining for fossil fuels or Capturing

Uranium vs Hydrogen Mining for fossil fuels or capturing the sun's helpful rays it's all very difficult and takes a team of people to pull off to make modern life easier Renewable and nonrenewable resources are two very broad classifications of energy Non renewable energy is by definition is something that is not replaced once used fast enough to sustain us Once we run out we run out for millions of years Examples of this include coal petroleum and uranium Renewable resources are the opposite of nonrenewable resources They are replenished quickly or never run out Examples of this are wind solar and hydrogen According to www need org uranium makes up about 19 5 of the United State s energy and hydrogen makes up very little of the US energy supply because we don't have currently have great technology for hydrogen So which is better Uranium is a nonrenewable energy source but it is very abundant but what about hydrogen Hydrogen is a renewable resource but we have to produce it because it cannot be found in a pure form on Earth Hydrogen is in everyday things like table sugar C12H22O11 and hydrogen peroxide H2O2 It is crazy to think about everything hydrogen is in and we didn't even realize it Uranium is a radioactive material that is mined using open pit or subsurface underground mining I chose this nonrenewable resource because even though it carries many risks of its own it doesn't pollute the air at all at all

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