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The mysterious events of July 15th By Andrew A Laypath

The mysterious events of July 15th By Andrew A Laypath It all started about 2 weeks ago on June 21 2016 I was eating dinner with my sister Jessica and my parents I was eating my favorite food mac n cheese when my mom said I hope you don't have any plans for July Me and my sister said why My mom told us that we would be going to Washington for the entire month of July I asked her where we were staying She answered me Your uncle Steve s place I haven't seen him since I left for collage and he just invited us over I was planning to go to Karen Johnson s big summer party She always has amazing parties and this was the first year I was invited It was going to be awesome I told my mom Why do we have to go she told me It will be fun anyways you haven't left this dirty city since you were 13 So I gave in knowing it would be useless to argue A few days later we left for Washington It would be a thirty minute ride to the airport After that we would transfer planes at Texas Then it is Washington from there The entire plane ride was about 7 hours in all We got there at 9 00PM and went straight to bed In the morning I discovered that my uncle is weird He uses orange juice instead of milk in his cereal he doesn't wear pants and he curses way more then my little sister should hear She ll probably learn some fun new words today It was July 15th I decided I will get to the bottom of why he was weird 

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