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Background to Syria Conflict

Introduction and Background to Syria Conflict Syria conflict started in 2011 with the Arab Spring and is ongoing The conflict has been plagued by violence creating humanitarian crisis territorial fragmentation sectarianism collapse of critical infrastructure radicalisation and changed of the region geopolitical situation This conflict is characterised by its inability to reach an agreement after several failed peace talks Its involvement of many actors makes it more complicated Conflicting issues positions and interest of the actors have added the complexity of the conflict In December 2017 eighth round of Syria peace talks organised by United Nations in Geneva ended without a deal and United Nations mediator Staffan de Mistura admitted to reporters that dialogues did not truly occur and the two week was an excellent opportunity missed On October 29 30 2017 the seventh Astana peace process initiated by Russia Turkey and Iran focused on humanitarian crisis and act as supplement to the brokered Geneva peace talks Prior to this peace talk were the fifth July 2017 and sixth round September 2017 Astana peace talks focused on establishing de escalation zones in Syria Before Astana peace talks were Geneva Peace talks with latest the Geneva III peace talk of 2016 organised by ISSG and mediated by United Nations to establish a ceasefire Before 2016 Geneva peace talks was 2015 Syria peace talks in Vienna Given the falter peace talks the present peace process in Syria conflict is in a deadlock with continue fighting humanitarian crisis shattered economy and public services

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Khul is basically a commitment in which a wife pays Back

Khul is basically a commitment in which a wife pays back to her husband in order to take freedom from him and we can also say that she really buys that divorce from husband by paying him back her dower And if she wants to dissolve her marriage then she has to approach courts Only a Qazi or judge has authority to dissolve marriage on the basis of the grounds provided by Muslim marriage dissolution act 1939 If the case laws are considered Lahore High Court ruled stated in the Balqis Fatima case in 1959 that khul should be granted to a woman as of right and without the consensus of the man This situation was validated by the Supreme Court of Pakitstan in the Khurshid Bibi case of 1967 In Umar Bibi case a Divisional Bench of the Lahore High Court rejected appeals by two women who were seeking divorce on the basis of khul without consensus of their husbands and trial courts had accepted that incompatibility of temperament was also the ground of divorce under Muslim law and this ground can be brought under Muslim dissolution act 1939 and marriage can be dissolved on basis of that ground District judge rejected this ground and appeal was filed to high court But highcourt also not replied in positive way This opinion was supported by a full bench of the same

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