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Wai To Wong Prof Hoyos Arch 499 1 16 2018 Societal Changes and Urban Space Formally malls are defined as many buildings combining to create a complex of shops representing merchandisers with unified walkways allowing guests to walk from unit to unit Informally they are the center and hub of societies the foundation of retail economies and a social hub for people everywhere In recent periods the idea of the shopping mall which has its roots in the state and became a well established modern retail tendency there in the post WWII era has thrived all around the world The five largest malls in the world now reside in Asia China s New South China Mall in Dongguan stands at the top of the heap with 2 9 million square meters of space Brands like Sears and Macy s taught a newly urban America to become very comfortable with conspicuous consumerism In its truly modern restatement the mall was the brainchild of Victor Gruen a short stout unkempt man from Vienna who came to the United States soon before the outburst of World War II Malls weren t just feeding America s new suburban population they were turning out huge sums of money for investors Suddenly all over the United States shopping plazas sprouted like well fertilized weeds wrote urban historian 

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