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The United States most definitely promotes democratic Values

The United States most definitely promotes democratic values Democratic values are included in the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and other significant documents speeches and writings of the nation The core values democrats represent are equality justice and liberty These values set the way life is for American Citizens The United States was not found on these values but they are promoted This country has endured slavery women s suffrage and other historical events The Democratic values set in place help this country have a peaceful setting and promotes equality as a whole Equality is also a big democratic value in the United States Everyone should receive the same treatment regardless of their racial background religion or how much money they have Blacks are not superior to whites just as christians are not superior to jews Riots across the United States uproar due to the lack of equality certain groups receive The U S believes in equality because it makes the citizens more peaceful and everyone should be treated the same Equality includes gender equality ethnicity equality race equality etc Diversity also ties in with equality 

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