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2017 was the rush of the capital of cryptocurrency markets

2017 was the rush of the capital of cryptocurrency markets and there is no reason that 2018 will be any different therefore the millennials are keeping the crazy flourishing A recent survey conducted by Blockchain capital has said 30 of those who are in the 18 to 34 age range would invest 1 000 in Bitcoin rather than invest 1 000 in government stocks or bonds The same study also points that 43 of millennials have known about Bitcoin compared with 15 identifying those aged 65 and up Ignoring trading cryptocurrencies by the millennial is hard However they are not only people who are interested in this market The competition for the coin is expected to become more robust in 2018 as new players enter the domain It is safe to say this year more institutional investors are going to start trading cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin Despite the high price at the moment the bitcoin market already faces a significant supply and demand imbalance According to an ex hedge fund trader and co founder of CoinFi Timothy Tam as well as the cryptocurrency traders advanced market intelligence platform it seems the existing equation may force prices even higher earlier He explained that 

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