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Preparation of Poly lacticacid nanocomposites by the use of Titanium

REQUIRED RAW MATERIAL The following materials were used in preparation of Poly lacticacid nanocomposites by the use of Titanium dioxide and Azadirachta Indica Neem powder Oil Table3 1 Material used in this project S No MATERIAL 1 Poly lacticacid PLA 2 Titanium Dioxide TiO2 Anatase 3 Azadirachta Indica Neem in powder form 4 Azadirachta Indica Neem as seed oil 3 2 COMPOUNDING OF PLA WITH TITANIUM DIOXIDE AND NEEM 3 2 1 Specifiq Intermeshing Co rotating Twin screw extruder ZV 20 The compounding was performed using an intermeshing co rotating twin screw extruder ZV20 Specifiq Engineering Vadodara India having a screw diameter of 21 mm and barrel lengths of 1200 mm L D 40 Specifiq provides extrusion screws with a modular assembly build of individual screw elements like conveying back conveying kneading and mixing elements The conveying elements are characterized by their length pitch and number of flights Details of Extruder Co Rotating Twin Screw 21 MM 7 5 HP 24 1 SPECIFIQ Used Specifiq 21 mm 24 1 model ZV20 extruder having 2 co rotating intermeshing screws Barrel consists of 1 feed section and 6 barrel sections Sections 4 5 and 6 are vented and plugged Gearbox is belt driven by a 7 5 HP Reliance DC motor with SCR controller 1 feed section with a top mounted K Torn type feeder Includes portable free standing console type panel consisting of 7 Eurotherm model 808 controllers Tag shows maximum screw speed of 600 rpm Table 3 2 Machine specification of Specifiq Co rotating 

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Alphonse Bertillion made up a way to identify people by taking Measurements

Back in 1882 a man by the name of Alphonse Bertillion made up a way to identify people by taking measurements of all their body parts and writing it on a small note card he called it the Bertillon System But his system began to show a major fault when two inmates who looked almost exactly alike were put into Leavenworth Prison at the same time Their names were William West and Will West they had almost the same body measurements and their facial features were also shockingly similar When guards finally realized that they couldn't identify who was who by looking at notecards they realized that the Bertillon System wasn't as reliable as it once was And with that the usage of the Bertillon system began to decline and fingerprinting started to replace it Dna fingerprinting has been around for over 1 000 years but to this day there hasn't been a pair of matching fingerprints Every person who has ever lived has their own set of ridges resulting in their own unique fingerprint which is why fingerprinting is one of the main ways of identifying someone Unlike everything else on our bodies our fingerprints don't change as we age the fingerprint we are born with is the one we die with When human being are fetus we interact with the womb of our mothers and that interaction is what puts pressure on our fingers and creates the ridges and minutiae that can be seen if a fingerprint is closely examined Ridges are useful because they give us the ability to feel vibrations for example texture and they enable us to have better grips on surfaces like glass plastic wood etc

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