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Kate Warne the first female detective in the United States

Kate Warne the first female detective in the United States born in 1833 grew up in Erin Cheung County New York Not much is known about her mother or her father but she was not the only child Kate Warne is an inspiration to all women for being one of the very first private eye detectives Allan director of the agency greatly appreciated Kate he said In my service you will serve your country better than on the field I have several female operatives If you agree to come aboard you will go in training with the head of my female detectives Kate Warne She has never let me down One Day Kate Warne was reading an ad for detectives and she saw an opportunity to be apart of Allan Pinkerton s Agency She decides to go up for the job Kate Warne stomps into the office demanding to see Allan Pinkerton although when he first met her he was surprised that she was not there to become a clerical worker Allan Pinkerton said It is not custom to employ women detectives Kate Warne trying to prove a point says women could be Most useful in worming out secrets in many places which would be impossible for a male detective Kate Warne is trying to demonstrate that women can do anything a man can do Her argument influenced Allan Pinkerton so much that Kate Warne became the first female detective on August 23 1856 over the power of his brothers objection Robert Pinkerton Kate Warne had an affair with Allan Pinkerton but he had kids and a wife 

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