Essay Example on The foundation of cloud computing can be visible as an evolution of grid computing technology

The UNIVERSITY OF BAHRAIN. Department Of Computer Engineering. College of Information Technology. ITCE314 Cloud Computing. Student name and ID. Content page 1 Page number Cover page 1 Content page 2 Introduction 3 How to use the cloud. 6 Types of Cloud Deployment Models. 6 Types of Cloud Service Models. 7 Cloud service applications. 9 Conclusion. 10 References 11 Introduction. 2 cloud computing is a computing paradigm where a massive pool of structures are linked in personal or public networks, to provide dynamically scalable infrastructure for utility facts and record garage. Or in different meaning cloud computing is a subscription-based carrier wherein you could reap networked garage space and laptop resources and we will refer to it as the cloud and its miles the transport of on-call for computing assets the entirety from packages to information facilities over the internet on a pay for use basis 1. In 1969 2 l Kleinrock anticipated as of now computer networks are nonetheless of their infancy. But as they develop up and come to be more state of the art we will probably see the spread of computer utilities which like gift electric powered and smartphone utilities will provide person houses and places of work across the United States of America. His vision becomes the authentic indication of today’s utility-based computing paradigm.
One of the giant steps in the direction of this world was taken in mid 1990s whilst grid computing became first invented. The foundation of cloud computing can be visible as an evolution of grid computing technology. The start of cloud computing could be very recent even though its root belongs to some antique thoughts with new business technical and social perspectives. From the architectural point of view cloud is naturally construct on an existing grid-based totally structure and uses the grid offerings and provides a few technologies like virtualization and a few commercial enterprise models. One way to think about cloud computing is to don’t forget your revel in with email. Your electronic mail purchaser if its miles yahoo Gmail Hotmail and so on Looks after housing all the hardware and 3 software program important to assist your personal email account. While you need to get entry to your electronic mail you open your web browser visit the email consumer and log in. The most important thing in this process is having internet access. Your email is not saved at your pc you get admission to it through a web connection and you could get right of entry to it anywhere. If you are at work, school or in the mall you could check your electronic mail as long as you’ve got access to the internet. Your email is extraordinary than software mounted to your laptop, which includes a word processing software. While you create a record, the use of word processing software program that file remains on the tool you used to make it unless you physically pass it. An email user client is similar as how cloud computing works. Besides rather than gaining access to just your email you can choose what facts you have got get entry to in the cloud. There are so many benefits of the cloud here is some of the most important ones. 3 4 a Flexibility Users can scale services to fit their needs to customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an Internet connection. Cloud computing provides a more flexible process than past computing methods. b Reliability Cloud computing makes data backup. c Efficiency 4 Users can get applications to market quickly without worrying about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance. d Global-scale The ability to scale elastically. In cloud speak that means delivering the right amount of IT resources. e Cost Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software. The technology of the cloud is paid gradually by saving the organization money. f Storage Cloud computing increased storage since the cloud can scale dynamically. g Updating IT personnel no need to worry about keeping software up to date.
The user is able to processing storage networks and other fundamental computing resources where the user not only can deploy the user can also run arbitrary software which can include operating systems and applications. Also, the user has control over storage and possibly limited control of select networking components. In IaaS same as PaaS and SaaS which the user not able to manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure. 7 E g Amazon EC2 As you go down the cloud provider has less control in an IaaS system than with a SaaS agreement. Cloud service applications. 8 Cloud computing has opened many possibilities for organizations that did not exist before. Some 69 of online Americans use webmail services store data online or use software programs. Where the users can use cloud computing through any web-connected device. Most users they are don’t have an idea about cloud computing. But the Americans can advantage the storage capabilities which it managed by a network of computers so that make them use webmail services such as Hotmail or Gmail form whatever devices they want In addition someone might use the same device but different network access points. Nowadays Lots of huge and famous companies used computing cloud such us Google and Apple 8. Conclusion 9. In this new world of computing, we have the ability to utilize scalable distributed computing environments within the confines of the Internet the virtual environment lets users access computing power that exceeds that contained within their own physical worlds 9. The cloud provides many services and options for the daily computer users. A huge number of people using the cloud without knowing about what it is so if you are considering using cloud computing be careful about the information you will put into it. In the future the cloud computing will be more known because its rapid growth every day References 10. 1 https www ibm com cloud learn what is cloud computing. 2 Leonard Kleinrock. An internet vision the invisible global infrastructure Ad Hoc Networks 2003. 3 https azure Microsoft com en in overview what is cloud computing. 4 https www ibm com cloud learn benefits of cloud computing. 5 Bhaskar Prasad Rimal Eunmi Choi and Ian Lumb A taxonomy and survey of cloud computing systems Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management International Conference 2009. 6 Journal of Network and Computer Applications 34 2011 1 11 A survey on security issues in service delivery models of cloud computing peg3. 7 Computer Security Division Information Technology Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg MD 20899 8930 September 2011 The NIST De nition of Cloud Computing peg2 3. 8 Associate Director John B Horrigan 202 419 4500 RE USE OF CLOUD COMPUTING APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES September 2008 r r 2 12 d d http www pewinte net o g 008 09 use of clou computing applications an r se vices. 9 IEEE Security Privacy Volume 7 Issue 4 July Aug 2009 11 12.
How to use the cloud. The cloud makes it viable so as to access your data from everywhere at any time. While a traditional computer setup requires you to be in the same place as your data storage device the cloud removes that step One requirement is that you need to have net connection so you can entre to the cloud, as long as your cloud-connected through the internet none of your data would be confined to a hard drive or location. 5 Types of Cloud Deployment Models Cloud can be three types. 5 1 Private Cloud A private cloud is established for a specific group or organization and limits access to just that group. 2 Public Cloud A public cloud can be accessed by any subscriber with an internet connection and access the cloud space. 3 Hybrid Cloud. A hybrid cloud is essentially a combination of at least two clouds where the clouds included are a mixture of public or private. Types of cloud Providers Service Models Each provider serves a particular perform giving users more or less management over their cloud depending on the type. Keep in mind that you are going to pay for your cloud provider so that is mean that you can purchase more storage space if you need it. Cloud computing use three delivery models which it depends on different types of services that client end-user may need. The three delivery. 6 models are the Software as a Service Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. These three types differ in the amount of control that you have over your information. 6 1 Software as a Service SaaS. The customer can use the provider's applications running on a cloud from different devices through either a thin client interface or a program interface. But the user cant creating the own application because of it not acceptable to manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network servers operating systems storage or even individual application capabilities. So the user can use the application with the basics made by the provider. E g Google Apps 2 Platform as a Service PaaS. It ability to the customer to spread into the cloud infrastructure which it created by using programming languages libraries services and tools supported by the provider. In addition, the user can’t be able to manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network servers operating systems or storage. The user can only manage the applications that are deployed or may it possible to manage configuration settings for the application-hosting environment. e.g Google App Engine 7 3 Infrastructure as a Service IaaS.

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