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Animal Testing is the use of animals in experiments

Animal Testing Imagine being trapped in a cage for weeks years or even your entire life You can barely move You have no control or say to what happens in your life You can't choose when you eat what you wear what you drink or where you go A life like that sounds tortuous no one wants to live like that These are the conditions animals have to live in and on top of all that their bodies are being used to experiment If you don't want to live like that do you think that we should force animals to live that way Animal Testing is the use of animals in experiments to study behavioral and biological variables Some believe that animal testing goes way back to the ancient Greeks in the third century It has been used all these years to study how living bodies work how to treat diseases and even to test beauty household items The Animal Welfare Act has been passed in 1996 which was intended to moderate the use and care of animals in laboratories However many animals are not protected by this act These testing methods have had both positive and negative outbreaks therefore it has become a very controversial topic which has been argued over for many years

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