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Guilt Throughout the Holocaust

Guilt Throughout the Holocaust As the train doors slammed open the dogs started barking and the frozen air hit our faces It had begun Dragged out of the boxcars and forced into a line it was that moment that began to determine their fate life or death In the books Maus I and Maus II by Art Spiegelman and the movie Schindler's List directed by Steven Spielberg the common themes of survival sacrifice hatred and guilt have continuously shown through each story when comparing the two Survival the state of continuing to live or exist typically in spite of a difficult circumstance This was an everyday theme throughout Vladek s stories in the graphic novel Maus She was taken with everybody else who was going to be deported to four apartment houses that were emptied to make a sort of prison They put thousands of people there it was so crowded that some of them actually suffocated no food no toilets It was terrible Spiegelman Maus I 94 This was just one of the many descriptions of the terrible conditions Jewish people had to face while they were incarcerated within the camps Vladek not only fought in the constant battle but he won through these extremely harsh conditions and slave labor He wanted to survive he wanted to fight for the fact that maybe one day he could finally be with Anja again Not only did Vladek fight for the fact that maybe one day he could finally be with Anja again but he continued an everyday battle and in which it became a very strong theme of sacrifice I starved a little to pay to bring Anja over 

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