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Lung cancer is one of the most lethal Cancers

Lung cancer is one of the most lethal cancers and the second most common cancer in both men and women 1 The long term survival rate of lung cancer patients treated by conventional modalities such as surgery radiation and chemotherapy remains far from satisfactory as anticancer drugs cause undesirable systemic side effects 2 While many systemic nanomedicine based therapies have been developed few have been translated into clinical success such as Abraxane an albumin bound paclitaxel nanoformulation for the treatment of metastatic non small cell lung cancer NSCLC There are a lot of assumptions about nanomedicines without any experimental evidence Until now cancer nanomedicine can be only used for reducing the toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents as well as for local delivery of anticancer agents and as a tool for imaging the tumor microenvironment 3 Direct delivery of drug loaded nanocarriers to the lungs via inhalation combines the advantages of localized delivery with those of using nanocarriers in lung cancer therapy Nanoparticles NPs can escape natural obstacles of the lungs mucociliary clearance alveolar macrophages and enzymatic degradation Moreover they could efficiently accumulate in lung cancer cells thus ensuring higher drug concentration at tumor site However the use of inhalable NPs is hampered by their nano range size 0 5 ┬Ám so they could be easily exhaled before reaching site of action 4 In contrast the use of microparticles 

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