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Framing of a Republic in America In everyday Life

Framing of a Republic in America In everyday life there are decisions that each person makes such as what outfit to wear for the day what to eat and what to do with their day now imagine having to make decisions on a grander scale which would impact how the United States government would run for numerous generations These important choices are what the framers set up in the United States Constitution the framers set up the guidelines for how the government should be structured and run One of the most important decisions which the framers made was the decision between making the United States a republic or a democracy While there are elements of both a republic and a democracy in the United States government the framers of the Constitution built the United States with the intention of the government being a republic The difference between a republic and a democracy is essential since the framers of the constitution were trying to escape the monarchy of England and as such did not desire to copy the political structure of England If a person outside of the United States government looked at its defining characteristics they would most likely notice some of the more democratic attributes a group of people who united under the influence of a single person However when the outsider becomes an insider they would realize that much of the attributes the United States government possess are republican such as the American citizens voting for their leaders president and senators 

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