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Dreams are beneficial

Dreams are beneficial and they have many purposes Do you dream Well everyone dreams whether they're happy scary or sad You actually have about four dreams each night even though you don't dream the whole time you are sleeping The first stage of sleep is the hypnagogic stage During this state you begin to dose off but you can be easily disturbed You aren't dreaming during this stage or the next In the second stage you become less aware of the world than before The next stage you enter is NREM non rapid eye movement You repeat these stages along with REM sleep about 4 times each night The first time you experience NREM each night it lasts about 90 min and in it you are difficult to wake REM sleep is the last stage in which you experience the phenomenon known as dreaming REM stands for rapid eye movement During this stage your eyes move around but your eyelids are still closed The brain is fully active during this stage This stage grows longer as you repeat the stages These are all the stages of sleep that you experience but there is a variation of the types of dreams you have We all know of daydreams In fact an average person daydreams about 70 120 minutes each day 

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Human resource divisions are Changing

INTRODUCTION Human resource divisions are changing as the modern business faces various and complex difficulties The change in human resource today is an immediate call for the changes inside the organization because of the elements like Globalization In the increasing global competition decision making in the organization has become increasingly difficult The new global world has enlarged the talent pool for skilled and excellent workers and permanent and temporary flexible workers In this era of globalization an organization's talent can be the source of competitive advantage and can have a major impact on employee performance survival customer satisfaction and profitability Pfeffer 1994 the present company which is a manufacturing company intends to expand and increase further its international profile The major challenges for HR manager and HR function will be managing a workforce diverse in language skills culture and distributed in various countries It is important for the business to familiarize with local ways of doing business and understand the needs of local customers It will be the responsibilities of the HR managers to develop a global mindset among their employees Being at the Centre point of globalization MNC s should learn to incorporate diverse value systems and embrace shared global work to create an environment where employees can communicate and coordinate to achieve their shared objective Rosenblatt 2011 To do that the HR managers and HR function should take in to consideration the areas like an increasingly diverse workforce the need for continuous improvement in the company the employee demand for improved rewards and work life balance

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