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The new imperialism age

Various forces prompt many countries to expand their control over other territories From the late 18th century to the the early 19th century European nations pursued a fundamental policy of imperialism that became generally known as New Imperialism The new imperialistic age gained its momentum from various economic militaristic and political motives as well as from the development of new ideas and advancements in technological institutions The ultimate combination of militaristic power industrialized economies and centralized governments prompted European nations to set out and build vast empires that stretched throughout the globe Economic forces such as markets technological advancements and the desire for access to natural resources political forces such as nationalism and social forces such as Social Darwinism were most responsible for the New Imperialism that began in the late 19th and 20th centuries Numerous economic forces have played a critical role in spurring global expansion Primarily one of the most influential reasons that transformed Western Europe was the industrial revolution The advances in technology industry transportation communication and science supplied western nations with many beneficial advantages New inventions and developments such as the steam engine the method of getting quinine the electric telegraph Bessemer process Maxim gun and the repeating rifle were all examples of a driving force behind

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Investigating the Relation between Gender Diversity and Performance

While the average of female participation rate to workforce is 63 in OECD The Organization for Economic Co operation and Development countries Turkey has had the lowest level of female participation rate among them that is 34 Comparably the economic growth of higher female participation rate countries is higher than less than overage female participation rate countries The economic growth is a rise of capacity of one economy to manufacture services and products Those products and services are predominantly manufactured by private companies Companies diversified their workforce are outperforming than companies that diversified less Robertson Park 2007 Because of these significant differences demographic diversity become very important subject The relationship between gender diversity and organization s performance become hot field for researchers In recent years taking gender diversity into account has been called by academics similar as a core value which depicts the right direction to carry out business indicating that gender diversity guides increased organization performance Even there are few research about the gender diversity and performance there are not still consensus between researchers Researchers investigating the relation between gender diversity and performance have exhibited conflicting consequences One perspective of diversity says that diverse gender teams bring value and has positive influence on performance because of the rich cognitive sources Cox Blake 1991 Easley 2001 Frink et al 2003 Hambrick Cho Chen 1996 Horwitz 2005 Mannix Neale 2005 Another perspective of diversity says that increase up to optimal level of female employees has positive effect on performance Frink Robinson Reithel Arthur Ammeter Ferris Kaplan Morrisette 2003 In this paper we are going to elucidate the relation between gender diversity and business performance by proving the effect of the diversity on company s performance

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