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How does active transport differ from facilitated Transport

9 How does active transport differ from facilitated transport Answer The Active transport is the movement of the ions or molecules across a cell membrane to an area of higher concentration which are assisted by enzymes and does require energy The Facilitated transport is the process of spontaneous passive transport of molecules or ions across a cell's membrane via specific transmembrane integral proteins which does not require energy 10 Identify and describe 4 ways that substances leave or enter cells 2 pt Answer 1 Diffusion requires no energy transports gases and other small particles high low Ions and other small substances may diffuse across the membrane by passing through the channel proteins These proteins do act as a porthole or door for the entrance of the materials 2 Osmosis requires no energy transports water high low This is the process in which is very similar to diffusion but does differ because water is the principle substance that passes through the plasma membrane Water will always move with its concentration gradient 3 Active Transport moves the particles through proteins requires energy low high This is the process when the energy demanding transfer of a substance across a cell membrane against its concentration gradient from lower concentration to higher concentration Special proteins within the cell membrane does act as a specific protein The energy comes from ATP generated by respiration 

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