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The relationship between public opinion and foreign policy Decision

The relationship between public opinion and foreign policy decision making has become an increasingly studied object of research in the field of foreign policy analysis Foyle 1997 This is not altogether surprising given the aim of foreign policy analysis i e an investigation into decision making the individual decision makers the processes and conditions that affect foreign policy Alden Aran 2017 as well as the increasing importance of public opinion in the elaboration of public policy in liberal democracies Risse Kappan 1991 Yet although numerous quantitative and case studies have sought to better assess public opinion influence on foreign policy the current state of research still reveals a complex and multifaceted linkage issue that is often insensitive to scientific endeavors of generalization Boyle 1971 This signifies that although there may be dominant and stable features characterizing the link between foreign policy and public opinion there remains scientific disagreement over the question of how or rather through what mechanism does public opinion best affect foreign policy making Tomz Weeks Yarhi Milo 2017 For this reason the following essay intends to contribute to a better understanding of the complex influence of public opinion on foreign policy decision making by examining Truman's decision to assist Korea in June 1950 This case study is particularly interesting because it is one in which public opinion input and support in the decision making process were constrained Indeed as the first part of this essay will examine the legal framework domestic and international context as well as elite normative and practical beliefs over foreign policy created a framework in which public opinion input and support were structurally limited 

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