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Antenna Alignment Systems Analysis of Modern Day Implementations

IEEE Department of Electrical Engineering Army. Public College of Management Sciences. Abstract. This paper highlights the various implementation and uses of aligning antennas. It also put emphasis on the modern-day applications and how aligning antennas can be used in a broad spectrum for achieving different goals. It illustrates the basic ideology of two different ways alignment can be useful. Furthermore, an in-depth analysis covers different alignment scenarios and techniques the results achieved by them and how influential the results can be on modern society. The goal of this overview is to get a better understanding of why do we need to align antennas and why this field should be explored further. Index Terms Azimuth LabView Line of Sight Microwave Receiver Transmitter Ultra Wide Band I. Introduction. This document gives a comparative analysis of two different applications of antenna alignment and aims at providing a detailed overview to both implementations.
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