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The Metamorphosis the author Franz Kafka Illuminates

In The Metamorphosis the author Franz Kafka illuminates on the difficulty of acceptance The author uses limited perspective primarily focusing on the thoughts feelings actions of the protagonist Gregor Samsa Gregor Samsa is a hard working man who Gregor becomes a traveling salesman in order to pay off his family's debt As he wakes up one morning from unsettling dreams he finds himself transformed into a monstrous vermin and wonders what has happened Kafka 3 He goes back to sleep try to forget what has happened because he thinks it is all a dream When wakes up he gives an effort to roll over only to discover he is stuck on his back because of his new transformation Gregor later on grows a raging urge to itch and attempts to scratch himself he touches himself with one of his new legs and is disgusted with the feeling Finally realizing that this is his new reality Gregor reflects on his life and how miserable he is with the job he has which he would quit if his family did not need the money Despite Gregor s complete physical transformation attempts to try to get up for his family's sake in order to bring in the income

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