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The True Story of The Salem Witch Trials START YOUR JOURNEY It would better that ten suspected witches may escape than one innocent person be condemned Increase Mather THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS Home Thesis Why The Town Of Salem History Of The Witch Trials Effects On Our World Bibliography Thesis In 1692 Betty Parris and Abigail Williams started hysteria and paranoia in the streets of Salem Massachusetts because they began to have fits claiming that they had been cursed by witches Nobody knew if what they were saying was true or not causing the town of Salem to sink into chaos A total of 20 people were killed in the Salem Witch Trials and after they ended the people of Massachusetts fasted for a day in order to commemorate and remember the lives of those killed The Trials made people realize that just because people are different doesn't mean they are dangerous which is a very important lesson to learn Return Home Why The Town Of Salem Why The Town Of Salem A brief analysis of the location of the Witch Trials During and before the time of the Salem Witch Trials the fear of witchcraft wasn't uncommon especially in Europe In fact rumors of witches in Europe can be traced back to 1300 AD three centuries before the Salem Witch Trials If people have been afraid of witches in Europe for centuries why did the Witch Trials happen in Salem one of the American colonies The answer to put it simply is the Puritans Who Were The Puritans 

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