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Humans start to challenge themselves with Exercise

Introduction As humans start to challenge themselves with exercise with a program the human body starts to respond to combined changes in most if not all of it physiological systems These are known as the skeletal muscular cardio respiratory nervous and energy systems which physiological adaptations to exercise occurs within aerobic and resistance training exercises With exercise programs normally lasting 6 weeks Physiological Adaptation of the skeletal Bone density increases by consuming the correct nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D Regular exercise helps slow down the rate of the skeletal ageing which means bones that are more active have greater density than sedentary bones A mixture of both high impact aerobic exercise and resistance training have benefits but resistance training may have more bone building benefits than aerobic exercise cathe com 2018 such jogging skipping or an activity that both feet together are lifted off the ground With a progressive strength training program Ligament strength is increases when the ligaments become more pliable to handle the strain This also takes place as the muscles and tendons get stronger Improved range of motion occurs when increased production of synovial fluid the thickness of the fluid reduces allowing movement in the joints Physiological Adaptation of the muscular Muscles have increased volume of contractile proteins which increase muscular hypertrophy This occurs through resistance training such as a shoulder press

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