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Compares the use of business analytics to understand the position of Instagram

This paper compares the use of business analytics to understand the position of Instagram and Facebook and their position within the industry Both social media applications are immensely popular and have a very large following This lends itself to a possible large market platform for many businesses be they online or local From small business large industry and the individual entrepreneur to any marketing department of any business a place within these two apps is a very coveted position to have Facebook has almost two billion users actively using or scrutinizing the application daily Smith 2017 Facebook has purchased Instagram yet still they have an individual following of over 400 million active users A very high percentage of users will use or have used the platform for their active advertisement In 2013 Facebook earned 13 billion in mobile advertisement with a maintained average of 11 96 per user With an active 50 million Facebook small business pages 2 5 million pay to be advertisers Paid advertisement on the application may be the only way to reach and promote for the forty percent of Facebook users that do not like a brand page Video advertising achieves the highest rate of engagement and mobile ads account for most of the Facebook's advertising revenue Smith Brandwatch 2016 Instagram is a popular photo video sharing application that has been bought by Facebook It has over one million monthly advertisers and the platform is unique because it reaches people where they share their own passion 

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