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Apple Google and Microsoft are striving to gain a competitive Advantage

Apple Google and Microsoft are striving to gain a competitive advantage in Internet experience and mobile computing For their business models the 3 firms have had to form an alliance with one of the other two firms against the third firm Google and Apple currently lead the mobile computing market with Android OS and iOS respectively Collectively they want to prevent Microsoft from expanding beyond the PC desktop and Windows OS but they also compete against one another to gain more market shares in the mobile marketplace for mobile phones and apps Apple and Microsoft ally to prevent Google from extending beyond search and advertising but are enemies in mobile marketplace for devices and apps Google seeks to weaken Microsoft s PC software dominance and Microsoft attempts to enter the search advertising market with Bing Google currently dominates in search and advertising specifically Internet Search with about 80 of the search market Apple leads in mobile software applications with its App Store for iPhones offering a wide and vibrant variety of applications to their users Microsoft leads in PC OS with Windows used in about 90 of the world s PCs and in Microsoft Xbox consoles and games 

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