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College sports are a great way to find the best Athletes

College sports are a great way to find the best athletes in the world Drug testing is a good way to make sure all athletes are naturally good and no drug enhancements are being used to improve their ability on the field to better themselves from other competition Consequences are implemented if a player is caught cheating and will be kicked of the team and will most likely will have to transfer to another school If you are caught with any illegal drug or performance enhancer outside of college College sports have been a great way to bring a community and school together and the best athletes around the world to compete on any given day Once you get into a college and you play sports you have to take a drug test every few months to make sure nobody is using illegal drugs or performance enhancers Drug test can be given to random selected players on the team at any time or could be whole team drug test every few months depending on the coaching staff and or NCAA regulations for testing athletes Drug testing is a good way to level out the playing field and wouldn't be fair to kids who work on their craft and got this far to be cheated against by opposing player who take drug enhancements There are many ways that can give one athlete an edge over another player and most of the time does not include the use of steroids Genes that you got when you were born not only affect strength but also size and body mass There are also environmental advantages that factor into unevening a playing field Athletes from different countries are worse off nutritionally than others countries that support there best athletes do so by feeding them the healthiest and nutritious foods Good nutrition is the greatest advantage one athlete can have over another

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