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Nacirema culture is a very unusual and different

Nacirema culture is a very unusual and different culture anthropologists have witnessed extreme behaviors these human beings This culture is not fully understood and little is known about their origin Their traditions and ritual activities are unusual and unique Horace Miner describes the Nacirema s culture beliefs rituals values and traditions Miner explains that the Nacirema s rituals and ceremonies are based on shrines that is a box or chest that is built into the wall They distinguish the poor and the powerful individuals by applying pottery plaques to their shrine s He describes many behaviors and things done by this culture to educate us about their beliefs Furthermore he explains that a shrine contains magical potions prescribed by a medicine man and made by an herbalist These magical potions are only made and given if they are paid with a rich gift Sick individuals are tortured and are not usually cured they must give rich gifts and their cloth are tripped off Nacirema s have witchdoctors that cure people who have been bewitched The Nacirema have their own unique practices they have an almost pathological horror or and fascination with the mouth the condition of which is believed to have a supernatural influence on all social relationships Miner 88 The rituals consist of inserting s bundle of dog hair in the mouth with magical powders to expand the mouth

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