Essay Examples on Typography

Tips for designer or typographer when designing for print

It would be a mistake for the designer or typographer to rely on what is on the screen when designing for print, especially when minute adjustments and attention to detail are so important. Proofs should be printed to ensure the final outcome is as intended as the screen cannot promise to display the correct colour resolution, character shape and spacing that is intended by the designer Gordon 2001. Upon mentioning colour it is also important to discuss how it affects legibility and readability when combined with type. It is a common belief that the most legible color combination for typography is black type on a white background. Although, this theory may stand to be true evolving printing and digital screen technologies can now offer alternative combinations that can match, if not exceed legibility. The legibility of type can be drastically affected for the better or the worst when color is incorporated. Depending on the nature of the content the appropriate contrast between the type itself and the background it sits on is paramount Maxa 2015. Hue is another name for color as is tone Value represents how dark or light colour may be and saturation refers to how bright a color is.

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