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This article by Regina Bailey talks about cells and their Characteristics

This article by Regina Bailey talks about cells and their characteristics It also included some interesting facts To start there are many cells in living organisms since cells are the basic building block of all things Scientists estimate that our bodies contain anywhere from 75 to 100 trillion cells In addition there are hundreds of different types of cells in the body Cells do everything from providing structure and stability to providing energy and a means of reproduction for an organism Bailey states Continuing all cells are too small to see without magnification and with the naked eye The size of cells range from 1 100 micrometers With microscopes like the Scanning Electron Microscope or the Transmission Electron Microscope scientists that study cells called cell biologists are able to observe and study as well as get pictures of these microscopic forms of life Next there are 2 main types of cells The more complex cell that contains a membrane enclosed nucleus and mitochondria as well as a nucleolus ribosomes and cell membrane is called a Eukaryote This cell is found in animals plants fungi and other organisms It is called so because they have a true nucleus enclosed in a membrane The other most common type of cell is called the prokaryotic This cell contains a nucleoid some prokaryotes contain a capsule flagellum cell wall in some eukaryotes and it also contains a cell membrane and ribosomes like an eukaryotic cell Some organisms that have prokaryotic cells are more simple like bacteria 

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